Cecil Ryu Martial Arts is for Adults, Teens and Children!!!!

Cecil Ryu Martial Arts refers to the method of martial arts taught by me, Cecil Washington.

I teach Taekwondo with cross training in Judo FOR ADULTS, TEENS & CHILDREN. The following classes are offered through community centers in Prince George's County, Maryland (USA).

At any class that I teach through the community centers, THERE ARE NO TESTING FEES AND NO CONTRACTS.

Private lessons are only available for students that have previously trained under me at one of the community centers.

Go here to register online with the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (Search for Activity Numbers 21627), or call one of the community centers for details on registering in person.

Instructor's cell phone: 301-821-1614, Email: cecilwashington at Yahoo dot com.

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For current students

Practice your forms. Go here if you forget how to do them.

Click here to find out the terminology and the requirements for each belt rank (Hint: use these requirements as a practice/study guide).

The links for videos on the forward roll and videos on point sparring are at the top of this page.

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Note to students: At some point, those of you who do not have Judo gi tops should purchase a judo gi top or a Judo uniform in addition to your Taekwondo uniform. Please see the link below for online orders.

Challenger Martial Arts Supplies Offers martial arts uniforms, shoes, weapons, Sparring gear, floor mats and other high quality martial arts gear and supplies at a reasonable price.

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