Orange Belt Test - Online, Cecil Ryu Taekwondo

You must be a yellow belt for 8 weeks (1 session) before you can test for orange belt. The minimum age for this rank is 7 years old.

Upload video of yourself doing these techniques to YouTube when requested by the instructor.

Stances: (3 points)

Walking stance, Fighting Stance, Kemo/Kima/Horse Stance

Forms: (30 points)

(10 points each form)

Blocks: (6 points)

Down block, Up/Rising Block, Knife/Fugul Block, Middle Block , Middle forearm block, Tangsoodo Middle Block (palm of fist towards face)

Strikes: (8 points)

Attack punch, Reverse Punch, Triple Punch, Knife-hand/Chop, Fugul Strike (same as Fugul Block), Sliding vertical punch (on front hand) , Jab, Reverse Punch (quick snatch back), Jab-Reverse combo, Hook, Uppercut, .

Kicks: (6 points)

Front, cross side, roundhouse, turn, spinning back (blind kick), crescent kick inwards

Judo: (6 points)

Forward Roll, Front Fall, Side Fall, Rear Fall, Osoto Gari, O Goshi

Jujitsu: (7 points) - Explain/demonstrate on the air how to do these escapes if you do not have a training partner

Simple Escapes from---

Front choke, back choke pushing, back choke pulling, side choke, one wrist, two wrist, bear hug front, headlock.

One Steps: (4 points). Demonstrate the response to the attack in the air, and explain it while doing it, if you do not have a training partner

4 one-steps----three for Attack punch, one for overhand strike.

Sparring Subsitute Form(s): (13 points)

Basic Form One (Kibon 1).

(offline version: 2 minutes of light contact sparring).

Total points possible: 80

Passing score: 60 or higher.