Purple Belt Test - Cecil Ryu Taekwondo - Online

Forms: (60 points)

  • Chon Gi
  • Dan Gun
  • Do San
  • Won Yo
  • Yul Gok
  • Jun Gun

    Blocks: (13 points)

    Down block, Up/Rising Block, Knife/Fugul Block, Middle Block , Middle forearm block,

    Tangsoodo Middle Block (palm of fist towards face), High/Low Knife block, Circle-in,

    Circle-Out, Augmented Block, X-Block Lower, X-Block Middle, X-Block Upper.

    Strikes: (15 points)

    Attack punch, Reverse Punch, Triple Punch, Knife-hand/Chop, Fugul Strike (same as Fugul Block),

    Sliding vertical punch (on front hand) , Jab, Reverse Punch (quick snatch back), Jab-Reverse combo, Hook, Uppercut, hook, uppercut, Palm strike, Kwon Su, Lunge Punch, One Finger Strike, Two Finger Strike, Three Finger Strike, Four Finger Strike, Five Finger Strike.

    Kicks: (16 points)

    Front, cross side, roundhouse, turn, spinning back (blind kick), crescent kick inwards, crescent kick outwards, hook kick, axe kick, Jump Front kick, jump side kick, jump roundhose, jump crescent inwards, jump crescent kick outwards, jump axe kick, jump hook kick.

    Judo (20 points, 2 points each technique):

    Forward Roll, Front Fall, Side Fall, Rear Fall, Osoto Gari, O Goshi, Seoi Nage (Ippon or Morote), Uki Waza, Ouchi Gari, Deashi Barai. Candidate will demonstrate throws on the air on with a soft but large object wrapped in a uniform top.

    Jujitsu: (20 points)

    Students will do the defending movements for simple escapes (hit, escape, hit again) on the air while explaining what they are doing in a video.

    Simple Escapes from---Front choke, back choke pushing, back choke pulling, side choke, one wrist, two wrist, bear hug front, headlock, bear hug rear, front tackle, front headlock, front tackle/double-leg take down (side step it & palm strike or use kawara gaeshi), belt grab.

    One Step Sparring: 7 one-steps----three for Attack punch, two for overhand strike. 7 points

    Students will do the defending movements for simple one steps (block, counter attack) on the air while explaining what they are doing in a video.

    Sparring Substitute: (20 points)

    15 points each form

    Basic Form One (Kibon 1).

    Offline version: moderate contact to the body, light contact to the head. Loss of control awards means zero points are awarded. 1 minute hands only 1 minute feet only 1 minute hands and feet

    Breaking: (5) points

    Breaking boards will be waived for the online test.

    Offline version: Break one board with one kick, student’s choice.

    Total points possible: 171 Passing score: 120 points or higher.